Shikigami no shiro II original sound source (NAOMI edition) (式神の城II オリジナル音源(NAOMI版)) is a special soundtrack release for Shikigami no Shiro II, which included music from the Arcade version of the game. This album was originally a mail-only bonus for buyers of Shikigami no Shiro II ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: Music of World Order, but it was later included on the limited release "Shikigami no Shiro II Special Pack", which also include the original OST.


  1. Thema Of Shikigami
  2. flying
  3. trial
  4. encounter
  5. universe
  6. menace
  7. abyss
  8. gale
  9. chaos
  10. whirlwind
  11. approach
  12. determination
  13. miturugi
  14. fate
  15. final
  16. end
  17. metempsychosis
  18. memory
  19. 00:12 S2MIX
  20. 05:27 S2MIX
  21. 12:09 S2MIX
  22. 18:35 S2MIX
  23. 23:05 S2MIX
  24. B·G·B-M S2MIX
  25. reborn0

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